Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Woman's Place

is in the front seat. hands at 10 and 2. pedal to the metal. tongue out in concentration.

A man's place, in this case, is right beside his woman. Offering his comforting embrace. (and probably directions!)

Those two pictures crack me up!! Turns out Allison is a pretty good driver for 3! My new and dear friend, Mary Jo, took these pictures at a birthday party this past weekend. Her son, Dash, wanted badly to take a ride, but definitely didn't want to drive. And Allison wanted to drive, so they were the perfect pair.


  1. Adorable! Love her determination.

  2. Mad driving skillz, courtesy of Dad.

  3. So sweet!!! She's learning young that women are always in control....GOOD JOB!!!!

  4. damn skippy... showing 'em who is boss. Go on with your bad self, Alli gurrrllll.

  5. That's my girl! Always on the cutting edge. I fully expect you to be president some day!

    Love you lots, Alli.