Monday, 10 January 2011


Wow. This month is flying by and at the same time, is painfully taking forever. I feel like I am getting so much done and nothing done at all. Mostly due to the fact that we have been fighting off some major germs in this family. First Alli, and then me. And thrown in for good measure, Erik every once in a while. Knock on wood, sweet Amelia has been quite healthy. And while I remain incredibly grateful for our good health, little viruses are quite annoying, aren't they?

Even though we have all been recovering and laying (mostly) low for the better part of this new year, we are still in full New Year mode. Alli is back at school. Amelia is crawling and standing and babbling like an Olympian. I have been planning travel galore for this family in 2011. Lots of adventure awaits.

I hope you are all settling into a wonderful new year.

Santa brought me a new lens for my camera which has the ability to capture some serious magic.


  1. ooh, tell me which lens I have one I want but I want to compare notes.

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