Sunday, 31 October 2010



erik and alli picked up a birthday cake for me today and this is how old alli told the baker i am....
brownie points to that first-born of mine....

Saturday, 30 October 2010


dear me -

wow. that is a big number.

first, let me say, happy birthday.

things i want you to keep up in this new year -

1. your exercise regime - you are rockin' it, keep up the good work. you have added tennis and yoga into the mix, good for you, but for the love of god, don't hurt yourself.

2. break out of your comfort zone every once in a while - you recently had someone cut bangs into your hair for $2.50. now, bravo for living on the edge, but come on - drastic change? at least have someone who speaks the same language help you out.

things you may want to try -

1. overhaul the way you eat and the way you feed the family - healthier, greenier foods maybe?

2. hand your beloved camera over to someone - aim to have at least one picture of you for every 150 you shoot of others.

other than that, enjoy the ride - you have been blessed with a wonderful husband, two amazing daughters, a support circle of family and friends and a world, literally, full of opportunity.

from my front row seat, 35 looks like joy on you.

happy birthday dear girl - enjoy today - give yourself a break, the benefit of the doubt and a pat on the back.

xo, me

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Week - 1, Me - 0

how can tomorrow be Friday already? - this week has completely gotten the better of me.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


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Alli's bestie, Hyolim, has a baby sister, Hyojung, who is 5 weeks younger than Amelia and they get along splendidly which means we have lots of double-playdates.

Ma'am - your pineapple is on fire.........

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I don't know what it is about the Vietnamese, but man, do they love to set stuff on fire - I took my parents to the historic (and yes, touristy) Rex Hotel for cocktails and dinner - it was a blast!! The views are amazing, the food was surprisingly good, the cocktails were fabulous, and they have an 80 year old lounge singer that was delightful. And the company? Best part of the night - love you S&R.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

testing 1...2...3...

anybody out there??

dear friends, i am still here - the days have been busy - school vacation for alli, a wonderful visit from my parents, an illness for erik, surgery for our sweet Ty, and amelia growing leaps and bounds...

this week proves to be as busy as the last as we prep for two halloween parties, a luncheon at alli's school, helping Ty rest and heal, and rounding out the month with someone's big birthday....

will update lots this week and try and get out the camera to record the action...

smooches to you all ....

Thursday, 14 October 2010


I once went to a seminar entitled "Encouraging Resilience in a FS Child" and I took notes, listened, participated in group discussions, blah, blah, blah. Turns out, more than 1/2 the battle is having a child with innate resilience. Already built-in, no assembly required.

Tonight, from the bathtub, Allison summoned.

Allison: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Allison: Can you come here?
Me: Coming (argh...she better not have sprayed the entire bathroom with water again!!!)

Upon entering said bathroom.....

Me: What's up?
Allison: Look at the gecko's cute little toesies....


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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dear Uncle Phil...

from one great singer to another.....

Monday, 11 October 2010

Lucky Number 7

1. Amelia has extremely ticklish feet.

2. Amelia smiles with her whole face.

3. Amelia does not like to be left in a room by herself. at all. not for one minute.

4. Amelia is a cuddler.

5. Amelia growls like a lion cub.

6. Amelia loves to swim.

7. Amelia's favorite book is Goodnight Moon.

Just 7 things you should know about my sweet Amelia who is celebrating 7 months of life today - lucky us.

Just your leisurely Sunday drive...

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through a monsoon....

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Sisterhood

I am new to the FS blogging world, but thankfully for the blogging rock star behind Life After Jerusalem, I am "meeting" more and more women like myself. And yes, more men and officers. But for me, right now, it is reading the words of other wives and mothers that help me feel part of this sisterhood. A sisterhood that now helps to sustain me.

This past Friday was Flag Day for the 156th (the day where first post assignments are announced), and I checked in on some blogs to see where people were being sent. When I got to A Diplomat's Wife entry, I was crushed. I think it is fair to say that she was less than excited and quite shocked about their assignment.

Dear A Diplomat's Wife -

I don't know you, but on the day our husbands took their first (unofficial) oath, we joined a sisterhood of sorts. One of trailing spouses. One where we are always introduced as so-and-so's wife. Throw a kid or two (or more??) into the mix and then you become so-and-so's mom. Our identities muddled, murkier than before. Not worse, just different.

I want to sit down with you tonight and hold your hand. Or pour you a stiff drink or coffee, maybe? Perhaps you would care for some cookie dough...raw? It will get better, I promise.

I remember absolutely everything about my own Flag Day. I remember thinking we were heading one way, and having the wind knocked out of me to learn they had turned the plane around and I was now heading into (for me) uncharted territories. I was terrified. I knew little to nothing about our post and feigned a smile and excitement for the rest of the day when everyone kept telling me how much I would love Vietnam.

I kept thinking...where is Vietnam again? Will they have organic milk or any milk at all there? What about sandwich bread and dentists? What if there are no Christmas trees or internet?

I felt the same terror when I exited the Saigon airport this past May with my toddler and 9 week old. The heat and humidity left me breathless, and even though I had researched and packed and prepared, I was still stunned. I couldn't believe where I was standing.

And now, five months in, this territory is no longer completely uncharted, and I did, as everyone warned me, fall in love with Vietnam, and our post in particular. (And if you are curious, there is awesome, free-range organic milk, french bread galore, good dentists, Christmas trees and quite nice internet).

I am by no means an expert on this whole FS life, and I know we each have to find our own way, but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. And I really do think that you will look back on this Flag Day post in one year and be amazed at how much you have accomplished in a year. And I will remain hopeful and confident you will thrive there, as I am thriving here.

Welcome to the sisterhood - I really do think you will like it here with us, and in your future home.

Love, Meredith

Friday, 8 October 2010

Outings with an A-list star

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Amelia loves "running errands" and the people love her - l.o.v.e - they take pictures with their phones, they clap - today someone asked me if I would have one more baby and give it to her! and while you would think this much attention would scare a baby - she eats it up!!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No one told me.....

When you join the FS, everyone has advice for you - some welcome, some not; some helpful, some the end of the day, I listened to all the advice, planned and prepared the best I could and then I just jumped!

But as we are about 1/4 way through our 1st tour, I am going to start jotting down fun things I am learning along the goes.

#1 - You will get ridiculously, over-the-moon excited about mail. Today I got two magazines and two movies from Netflix. I almost hurdled my husband's desk to get to the pile of mail. I could not have been more excited if you handed me cold hard cash.

the y chromosome

oh my.....our girlie girl is was "dress like your favorite character in a book" day, and alli wore this favorite get-up - her book of choice was "i wear my tutu everywhere"....erik is soooooooo outnumbered.....

Monday, 4 October 2010


S - in my mind you will always be this sweet little baby girl - sending you lots of birthday love from across the ocean - i miss you tons and bunches - xoxoxoxo - Aunt M
p.s. stop growing up

Saturday, 2 October 2010

burn baby burn

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had an amazing Vietnamese dinner last night including these bad boys who are sweetly lined up around a coconut and then set afire, so sad and so delicious.