Thursday, 14 October 2010


I once went to a seminar entitled "Encouraging Resilience in a FS Child" and I took notes, listened, participated in group discussions, blah, blah, blah. Turns out, more than 1/2 the battle is having a child with innate resilience. Already built-in, no assembly required.

Tonight, from the bathtub, Allison summoned.

Allison: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Allison: Can you come here?
Me: Coming (argh...she better not have sprayed the entire bathroom with water again!!!)

Upon entering said bathroom.....

Me: What's up?
Allison: Look at the gecko's cute little toesies....


  1. Awesome! We hunt for Geckos on our evening walks. Not hunt-hunt but just search for them so we can squeal when they scurry away. We don't get them in the house just roaches! Resilience is definitely a built in trait!!! Your girly has got it!