Tuesday, 18 January 2011

America's Next Top Model

On Friday evening, the LES (locally employed staff) at the Consulate will host a huge celebration of Tet for the entire Consulate community. Our family will be decked out in ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese dress. I took these shots of Amelia at her fitting with our tailor.
Yes, this is Vietnam, so we have a personal tailor who has made some amazing clothing for me and the girls at what I can only call rock-bottom prices. She is related, through marriage, to our nanny, Co Ty, and she is delightful and ADORES the girls, so it is such a treat to visit with her. Definitely one of the perks of this post.


  1. That color is incredible, tr - Amelia is seriously smooshably adorable. And I am about to send you my measurements... well, maybe in a month or two. Give me some time to make the numbers smaller. :)

  2. Oh my Amelia looks precious in that outfit!

  3. What a squeezable, huggable, loveable, beautiful little princess!! Can hardly wait to see her.