Monday, 13 September 2010

The wrong side of the bed.

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of our terribly uncomfortable bed.
Last night, I went to bed way too late and wasn't really ready for today. I was 10 minutes behind and totally unorganized from the beginning of the day. That being said, please read my post with a grain or two of salt.

We received the remainder of our HHE (household effects) shipment today and I was excited, apprehensive and intrigued by what that delivery would hold. Mainly because these items had been packed away in haste while we were still in the honeymoon daze of acceptance into the FS. We didn't have the time or foresight to organize our primary packout and I fear that until all of our items are finally under one roof - 5 years down the line? 15? 20? - we will never be able to put our hands on all our stuff.

So these questions/comments/ruminations are directed at myself, the various packers, movers and agents in between as I reflect on today.

I received the 3ft. long solid glass sheet that tops a beautiful wicker desk, but not the desk.
Also, the inner tray to our old microwave, but not the microwave.
Now, to be clear, we didn't want the desk OR the microwave, but why aren't these items kept together??

We received a four-legged tea caddy with only two wheels - even MY math isn't that bad.

To any FS hopefuls out there - my one HUGE piece of advice - pack ALL of your electronics together, categorized by voltage. While we have plenty of converters, I have no need for all these basically useless appliances with the exception of our beloved toaster oven and Cuisinart.

I do strongly believe in kharma, but I can't quite figure out why we asked that all of our wall art be delivered and only Erik's made it.

Why does anyone own 4 crock pots?

To the team that "unloaded" and "unpacked" us today, while you might not speak English and I don't speak Vietnamese, snickering and ridicule is a universal language. Try and show some love next time.

Not to future self - only pack tupperware containers you have the lid to. Use some common sense, Meredith.

To whomever filled "holes" in boxes with random Christmas items - at the time, had I seen you do that, I would have been annoyed. Today? It was a welcome surprise. Not so welcome - the random couch pillows you used to fill "holes" in the kitchen boxes. Not cool, dude, not cool.

When we got married almost 4 years ago, we didn't have the space to store and use all of the amazing gifts we were given. We unwrapped each present, oohed and ahhed, sent a thank you note and re-wrapped the item for "the future". Unpacking them today was like opening them again for the first time. It was really special. Ty helped me unpack and she kept telling me how beautiful all of our things were and she was right. We are so lucky.

Wouldn't you know it? Some of the first boxes unpacked were chock full of barware - go figure! This domestic goddess may not have the energy to cook dinner tonight, but you know she will do her best to get those cocktails mixed - maybe kharma is on my side after all...


  1. Sounds like you handled a crazy day pretty well, even having time for your mother-in-law's questions regarding our trip in November! BTW - I think I have your missing tupperware pieces.

  2. When we got our HHE, there was a box Kenny had labeled: "Rocks". In it were, well, rocks from places we've picked up over the years. I almost died laughing. Hope you enjoy your HHE! Soon you'll have to pack it up again!

  3. Jake- you save rocks? I thought I was a pack rat.

  4. Love this post because it's always a surprise to see what comes in the boxes. The good news is you have a new friend (your helper) to give all the stuff you don't need or want any longer. You can always have a crock pot party! HHE days are always crazy.

  5. Glad it's there finally!
    But I'm confused- if you have converters, why are the appliances useless?