Sunday, 12 June 2011

School's Out for Summer

Lots going on around here -

Amelia has semi-mastered walking - just in time to fly across the world...hmmm.....lets see how that play's out, shall we?

Alli's entire elementary school had its end-of-year talent show - it was fabulous!! Amelia's favorite part was the dancing - any dance group, any club song and she was dancing like a mad woman!

Then, Alli's class had an end-of-year ice cream party, which was hard on Alli since she doesn't eat sweets.

Lastly, we are leaving tonight on a jetplane, USA bound for some wonderful R&R with family and friends. Here is Alli charting out our course with her buddy Thomas who was charting his course home to Tasmania!

Happy Summer 2011 Everybody!

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