Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Alli-isms

Instead of saying person, Alli says "persman" - As in, "Mommy, is that his persman?" or "Where did that persman go?".


Watching a Tom and Jerry epispode....

Alli: What's that?
Me: Jerry's diary.
Alli: What's a diary?
Me: It is a book that people write in. Sometimes every day or just once in a while. You write down what happened in your day or your dreams.
Alli: Oh.
Pause for reflection.
Alli: Just like Amelia has.
Me: Amelia has a diary?
Alli: Yes, the other day, Amelia has a diary.
Me: No, Alli. The other day, Amelia had diarrhea. But you were close honey.


Upon picking up Alli at school last week, one of the moms asked me when my parents moved.
Upon further investigation...

Me: Alli, next week we are getting on a plane, right?
Alli: Yes. You, me, Daddy and Amelia.
Me: Right, and where are we going?
Alli: Africa!!
Me: Africa?
Alli: Yes, Africa to see (names all of her grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc.....)
Me: Alli, do you mean America?
More pause for reflection.
Alli: Yes, America.
Me: Ok, good.
Alli: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Alli: When are they moving to Africa?


After the previous conversation, I took a minute at dinner to point out on our HUGE wallmap where our plane would go. The map also has the different countries' flags. I pointed out the Vietnam flag, which Alli knows from school, and the US flag.

Alli: Oh, it looks just like the bandaid!!!!

*Author's note - the Consulate gives out bandaids with the US flag on them after immunizations.

Me: Well, actually the bandaid looks like the flag, but yes, they are the same. Sort of.

Someone get this kid some US immmersion stat!

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