Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mission Cup 2011

Last weekend was the Annual Mission Cup soccer championship game between the US Consulate Ho Chi Minh City and the US Embassy Hanoi. It was a great game, aside from a torrential monsoon downpour, and for the third year in the row, the Consulate team, The Tigers, took home the trophy. I have no idea what is going on with my camera, so my pictures are all a little off - sorry!

The game, like all great events in Vietnam, started off with an amazing dragon dance.

And then performances by both teams' cheerleaders and our mascot.

What's that you say? Our mascot looks familiar? Need a closer look?? If you think that the mascot may be my hubbie, you are 100% correct. Good guess!

Here is a nice shot of the whole team (with a severely overheated mascot).

The skies looked daunting......

but the Tigers carried on ....

to victory!!!

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