Thursday, 16 February 2012


  1. I am thinking about getting a whistle to help in my refereeing between the girls - is that wrong?
  2. Instead of a whistle, maybe I should get more patience - where do you buy that?
  3. For those of you who had a sister growing up, how much "space" should I give them to "work things out"? Anyone? Remember they are only 2 and 4.....going on 16 apparently.
  4. One of the most important phrases ever taught to me by my 1st grade teacher has become my new mantra - LIFE IS NOT FAIR. According to Allison, everything is unfair - you know, like how long she has to sleep at night, how long until she turns 5, how long she has to wait at school for morning tea - you know, the really important stuff!
  5. Only 44 days left in Saigon.
  6. Choose Joy. Instead of being bummed about leaving Vietnam, I am focusing on the excitment over our next adventures - specifically time with family and friends and a summer in DC.
  7. I have found that writing my to-do list in Sharpie helps me feel more productive. One downside - after a while, it also gives you a huge headache.
  8. HUGE upside to moving every 2-3 years - the cleansing of crap. Right now, if it is not precious or necessary, I am donating or selling everything in sight.
  9. My children have two volume levels of speaking - TOP VOLUME or whisper. And only one level of activity - FULL ENERGY. I don't know whoever said it was easier, calmer and sweeter to have girls.
  10. 44 days - wow.
  11. One of my super fun to-dos is buying Vietnamese souvenirs for ourselves that I had admired over the last years and saved to buy until now.
  12. One of my not super fun to-dos is paperwork - ugh!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in DC! Do you know where you'll be staying?

    1. Not yet - we are hoping for Courthouse - won't know until we arrive - when are you stateside?

  2. wow. 44! It's so hard to not be sad but glad you are keeping it positive. Good luck wrapping things up and getting the clutter out!

  3. It's so good to catch up with your blog! I didn't read a single blog while in the States. It was just too busy. This third kid thing is really zapping my time! Anyway, I'm back on board. I cannot believe you are heading out already! Amazing. I missed where you are headed next. Enjoy America, it's freakin amazing.