Tuesday, 23 November 2010

No one told me.....

that when you join the FS, your sense of what warrants a strange medical diagnosis completely becomes dependent on worst case scenario - parasites in my intestines?? no big thang!!

today the Doc at the Consulate told me I most likely have a parasite and then proceeded to describe all that it involves, as well as what may come - she then handed me super-strength antibiotics and told me to check back in with her a week.

in the States, a parasite would seem like a big deal - but here, I would say a parasite is pretty mild when compared to dengue fever or TB, which are other options, so in the spirit of welcoming everyone to the proverbial Thanksgiving table, I throw open my arms to this parasite.....wait.......what do you mean I can't drink alcohol with one of the medications?

Parasite - you are totally sitting at the kids table on Thursday.


  1. Everyone names their parasites. What's your parasite's name?

  2. HA! I was just going to say that my parasite (E.histolytica) is named Mildrid and she's been with me for months. I just finished the metro when you cant' drink! So happy to have a glass of wine for Thanksgiving. Sadly the other med I take for the next 20 days makes me feel pretty nasty. Good luck and welcome to the club!